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March 25, 2015

What’s not to love about a spring wedding? I can’t think of many things! After a particularly harsh winter, it is so uplifting to celebrate a marriage and appreciate beautiful weather at the same time. I know you have a handful of spring weddings on your calendar, so I put together a round up of a few classic spring table linen and decoration ideas to suit just about any style. Enjoy!

Pastoral Wedding: Chocolate Brown and Robin's Egg Blue

For this earthy and chic look, try a chocolate-brown tone for your linens; such as our Chocolate Lamour table linen paired with our Buckskin Pintuck Suede or Espresso Sparkle Sheer table overlay. Then add subtle hues of blue, such as ivory napkins with a blue design, such as retro-fabulous Caspian Miramar napkins. Family-style seating and Mason jar candles will add to the chic atmosphere. To keep your color scheme consistent, try using coffee beans to secure the candles inside the jars. For centerpieces, I love trios of interesting objects, such as vintage ceramics, baskets of branches or additional mason jars, arranged in stylish containers. To keep the look consistent, choose a chocolate hue for the largest centerpiece, blue for the mid-sized centerpiece, and (blue hydrangeas work beautifully) and white (small blooms or pussy willows) for the third color. I also love the idea of displaying one or two larger-sized blooms, like peonies or gardenias. For an adorable finishing touch, place a small bird's nest with a few blue Jordan almonds on each charger plate. Your guests will be delighted!

Luxe or Formal Wedding: Mixed Whites

For this show-stopping table design, go with opulent and contrasting textures to keep your table from being too washed out or chilly – such as our luxuriously textured White Rhythm table linen paired with satiny White Lamour napkins. You can also add an understated metallic element with silver or platinum chargers or chair covers – our Dora Silver 11” chargers and Platinum Lamour chair covers come to mind. I can just see them sparkling in the moonlight! Take advantage of the season of flowers with springtime centerpiece blooms such as lilies of the valley, French tulips, and hyacinths. You can add depth and bring in a bit of seasonal color by adding flowers that have a bit of green, such as lady's slipper orchids and cabbage roses. Or if green is not your color, yellow, pink and brown on white irises or alstroemerias are lovely as well. Frosted white votive candles or tea lights in clear or frosted glass holders will provide a subtle glow for your tabletops. Remember, keep your whites warm, and you will eliminate any inkling of winter and declare that spring has arrived!

Modern Wedding: Apricot and Mint

If there’s one thing I adore, it’s a bold color combination. A modern wedding is a perfect chance to cast off the usual “dos” and “don’ts” and have a little fun. Springtime colors with a vivid contrast (one bright, one pastel) makes this combo a perfect choice for a modern wedding. For this look, mix and match square and round tables. Choose fun chargers like our Luxe Apricot line. Bring in the mint green with our Celadon Classic napkins in neatly folded triangles. To make sure these fun shapes really pop, your table linens should be a classic shade, like Ivory Circulo or classic White Bengaline. Use the same color philosophy with your décor: bright green wheatgrass with orange daisies is a simple but bold statement. For tall centerpieces, try a few stems of vivid orange Mokara orchids springing from a mint vase, or perhaps green cymbidiums and a bright orange vase.

Which one of these trends is your favorite? What are you loving for spring? Let us know in the comments!


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