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June 28th, 2011


Want to know how to create beautiful, unique looking tables?

Don’t forget the napkins!

Have you ever ordered napkins, then they arrive and you ask yourself – “ok what do we do with the napkins now!!!??? I have no idea how to fold a napkin!

Not to worry, in these videos you will learn a few ways to fold napkins that will turn your tables from ……pretty……… to amazing!

In these Videos you will learn the art of folding a napkin

What only looks complicated will be simple after viewing these videos.

Sit back, grab a napkin and get ready to learn the art of napkin folding

p.s Looking to personalize a napkin – contact your salesperson 866.245.1902 and ask about our Photonaps ( also known as personalized napkins)


Napkin Fold-The wrap around By BBJ Linen Fine Linen Rental

Wrap Around Napkin Fold by BBJ Linen


Menu card fold by bbj makes any tablecloth stand out

Menu Card Fold by BBJ Linen

How to Fold your napkin for your event? Drop Down Napkin Fold By BBJ Linen Fine Linen Rental.

Drop Down Napkin Fold by BBJ Linen


How to set a table using napkin rings

Napkin Ring Fold by BBJ Linen

How to fold a napkin by BBJ Linen create a perfect looking event and tablescape , table fashions by bbj linen

Tuxedo Napkin Fold by BBJ Linen


Here is to your beautiful looking tables and napkins!

All the best,

The BBJ Linen Design Team