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Tutorial: How to Fold Napkins into Elegant Bow Ties

May 1, 2015

Fold Napkins into Bow Ties

If you’re researching different ways to make your event look like no detail went unchecked, fold napkins into fun and elegant shapes is one way to do so. At BBJ Linen, we’re always looking for ways to help all of our customers plan the events of their dreams, and that’s why we’re sharing our tutorial for folding napkins into beautiful bow ties. 

Folding napkins into bow ties gives your table a polished elegance that simple rectangles or triangles can’t. It also lets you highlight the color or texture of your table linen.

Step 1: Start with the napkin facing up, laying flat, with the pattern or texture you want showing.

Step 2: Flip the napkin over, so that you are looking at the reverse of the fabric.

Step 3: Fold the napkin in half to form a triangle (not a rectangle).

Step 4: Fold the top corner (both layers) over so it covers the top third of the napkin.

Step 5: Now, fold the bottom of the triangle up twice, but with smaller folds than the top—this time, each fold should only cover 1/4 of the napkin. Fold twice so that the bottom covers the tip of the folded-down top. 

Step 6: Fold the top down to cover the bottom, so you get one long line of folded-napkin.

Step 7: Fold the entire right side of the napkin upwards, forming a 45-degree angle.

Step 8: Now, fold the entire left side in the same manner, creating a crisscross or X on the top where they intersect. 

Step 9: Pinch the center of the napkin together at the same time you pull the X down toward the center. This should create the overall shape of the bow tie, as shown in the next step.

Step 10: Almost time for the big reveal! Slide the napkin ring onto one side of the napkin and position it in the middle, so it holds down the center pieces/tails. 

Step 11: Now, gently pull the napkin corners downward to form the bow shape you are looking for. You can hold the center in place while you do this for additional stability. 

Step 12: Because this side looks a little bit messy, here’s the trick up your sleeve—flip the whole thing over, and you’re done!

Folding napkins into bow ties is easier than you might think, and adds a unique, classy touch to your event. For more tips and tricks for event décor, contact us today!


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