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Top 5 Wedding Venues for Spring

March 9, 2017

The beginning of spring reminds us of that fabulous week of spring break back in our school days. We’ve got a major case of wanderlust. What better way to escape the day-to-day than by dreaming about these amazing venues, and the fabulous linen and chargers that could be used to create stunning memorable events. Let’s go on an adventure!

Vineyard – Thomas Fogarty Winery

1-logo.png2-winery.png3-winery.pngTop photo: Thomas Fogarty Winery | Bottom photo: Danny Dong Photography

Magical views of rolling hills and crashing waves set the tone for a dramatic and unforgettable event. We wouldn’t want to take away from the vistas, but rather enhance the experience. We love the mixture of sparkle and rustic items – we think it would be perfect for this setting!

4-mood-board.pngDesign elements we'd use: Champagne Cotier |Sea Glass Faille Runner | Ecru Tori | Nile Moda | Lagoon Gables | Circle Gold Charger |Mineral Faille Napkin | Circle Square Gold Glitter Charger

Mountains – Hotel Terra Jackson Hole Wyoming

5-logo.png6-jackson-hole.png7-jackson-hole.pngTop photo: Hotel Terra Jackson Hole | Bottom photo: Carrie Patterson Photography

What is a more picturesque background for a special event than towering snow capped mountains? Here again, the great outdoors would take the main stage for our mountain inspired soiree. Play up the rustic ambiance with woven fabrics, linen, and velvet. Wouldn’t plaid make an awesome addition to this design scheme?

BBJ Linen - Top 5 Places Event - Part 2.pngDesign elements we'd useSand Jute | Navy Plaid | Succulent Faille| Sand Yuma Napkin | Napoli Mocha Charger | Copper Birch | Ivory Hemstitch Napkin| Braid Gold Charger | Evergreen Velvet | Burgundy Plaid Acorn Contour


Beach – Ritz Carlton Amelia Island

9-logo.png10-ritz.png11-ritz.pngTop photo: Anna Shackleford - Ashley Stephen Photography | Bottom photo: The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island

Warm sun and salty ocean breezes makes this the ideal tropical retreat. A beach wedding provides plenty of natural scenery and decor. Let your imagination go wild with accessories and decor. Embrace the tropical feel with bright and whimsical colors.  

12-mood-board.pngDesign elements we'd use: Aquarelle |Victorian Velvet | Peacock Blue Faille | Dawn Marble |Luxe Turquoise Purple Charger | Poppy Duet | Mandarin Graceful Runner |Turquoise Sea Sponge Charger

Big City / Modern – 620 Loft and Garden


14-620-loft.png15-620-loft.pngTop photo: Private Events at Rockefeller Center | Bottom Photo: Color Pop Events - Saschareinking Photography

If bright lights and the big city are your idea of heaven – a lawn party amid the city would be divine. Play up all the lights you see from your vantage point with glitter and sparkle. Simply put – there's no other option but to go full glam for this big apple affair.

16-mood-board.pngDesign elements we'd use: Black Gabriella | Platinum Tori Runner Mercury Sequin Runner | Silver Cotier | Silver Birch | Cloud Faille Napkin | Ash Moda Napkin | Lino Ginger Glitter Charger | Starlight Silver Pearl Charger


Grand Estate - Lyndhurst Castle

17-logo.png18-castle.png19-castle.pngGolden Hour Studios

Who doesn’t dream of a sprawling estate with over the top opulence? Planning an event here takes us back to our Downton Abbey days. Choose a theme that is royal, with a unique look. Staying true to the gilded décor, stick to a more traditional design with plenty of glitz.

20-mood-board.pngDesign elements we'd use: Ivory Luxe | Champagne Corsage | Silver Fabray | Gold Florence Charger | Ice Clear with Gold Rim Charger| Champagne Aria Runner | Gold Helena RunnerGold Empress | Rose Quartz Velvet | Gold Cotier 

Dreaming up designs for these fabulous locations is endlessly inspiring. We can’t wait to see what fabulous places we’ll go this upcoming spring season…but for now back to day dreaming.

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