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Tips and Tricks for Planning a Successful Spring High Tea Luncheon

March 18, 2015

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to get all of your girlfriends together, planning a spring high tea luncheon can be the perfect way to do it! Today, we’re bringing you great ideas for how to plan a successful spring high tea luncheon event with your friends.

Set the Stage

When you send out invites for your high tea, make sure to include tips and suggestions about things like dress code if you are instituting one (or if you’re encouraging one), whether your guests need to bring anything (you may wish to have each guest bring their favorite tea to swap with other guests), and more. Set the tone for the event by letting them know that this isn’t just any old “meeting for coffee” event—this is a high tea!

Craft Beautiful Looking Tablescapes

You’ll want tables to look beautiful, serene and elegant, so keep colors muted and calm. Cornflower blue, like BBJ’s cornflower shantung linen, is perfect for creating the perfect mood at your high tea event. Other shades to consider are dusty rose, sage green, or taupe. Choose saucers and teacups that will show off the color of the teas you’ll be serving, so that guests can see how strong or weak their tea has brewed. In addition to white or ivory dishes complementing the teas themselves, it also sets off the soft hues of the table linen.

Choose an Assortment of Delicious Teas

Nowadays, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different tea blends to choose from. When planning a high tea, the sky is the limit—you can serve as many or as few as you like. Just make sure that each tea you choose to set out for guests is one you enjoy drinking—a high tea is not the best time to try out a new blend you were unsure about or one that you’re simply trying to use up. Choose white, green, herbal, or black teas to serve, and find out if there are any guests with any allergies (as flavored teas could have fruits or herbs they may be allergic to). Be sure to keep extra tea on hand to give to guests to take home and drink on their own, too.

Plan for Fun Menu Items

Planning the menu for a high tea can be great fun. Of course, you can go traditional and make finger sandwiches, petit fours and scones. These are all delicious and fun to make and eat, and your guests will love them. If you want to do something a bit more out of the ordinary, you can make mini-quiches or this beautiful Tourte Milanese, a puff-pastry enrobed torte with layers of egg, spinach, ham, cheese and roasted peppers. It’s a bit more labor intensive, but will be a stunning centerpiece for your high tea meal.

Have you ever planned a high tea before? Let us know how you did it!


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