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Three Products to Help Streamline Event Setup

December 3, 2015

When you’re preparing for event setup, it’s helpful to have a game plan ready to go so that you can get things done quickly. Beyond having a plan, there are some products that save time due to their ease of use. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your event setup to-do list, you won’t want to miss these products.

Table Cuffs for Quickly Securing Tablecloths


When your event has cocktail or highboy tables, using table cuffs will give them a polished, sleek look in virtually no time. Table cuffs are an easy way to make event tables neat and stylish, and the hidden ties make it a snap to put them on the tables—in three quick and easy steps, you’ll have a fully dressed table that looks spectacular. Cuffs are offered in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns, so no matter what the event theme calls for, you’ll be able to find something that looks great.

Table Caps or 54” Square Tablecloths


With the aforementioned cocktail or highboy tables, if you’d rather go for a different look, you can use sheaths and caps or sheaths and 54” square tablecloths. Sheaths can be either twisted or draped around the table’s base, and once they are secured, you have two choices, both of which are quick and easy to assemble. The first option is to use a table cap. Table caps are simply stretched over the tabletop, with elastic securing them to the table. The other option is to use a 54” square tablecloth and drape it over the tabletop. With this option, all you have to do is center the tablecloth. Both options are quick to set up, but they give your event distinctly different looks.

Skirtless Banquet Tables

If your usual décor calls for a banquet table skirt and a tablecloth, you can streamline this step by simply using a tablecloth on its own. Instead of using two table décor elements, which increases your set up time, using one product is faster and more efficient, and all you’ll have to do is center it over the table. The tables will look great, and you’ll have saved a lot of time by skipping the two-step approach.

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What are some of your favorite time-saving tips for event setup?

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