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Traditional Meets Modern – The New Millennial Style Wedding

April 18, 2017

Millennials are not afraid to ditch wedding traditions – and with good reason. They tend to hold on to traditions that have real meaning to them and forgo traditions that lack authenticity. Today’s millennial couples look for creative ways to infuse timeless traditions into their weddings while staying true to their personalities.

Here are some great ways that put a new twist on traditional looks.

Look 1: Vintage with Velvet

1.pngEmilia Jane Photography | Fleur | Nimble Well | Minted | Lakewood

A modern and timeless look featuring silky, smooth velvet table linen. Traditional elements such as estate flatware and candlestick holders add the perfect touch of time-honored customs, while the casual place setting and modern venue update the entire look for a modern feel.

2.pngEmilia Jane Photography | Fleur | Nimble Well | Minted | Lakewood

A vintage statement is made with the antique “head-of-the-table” chairs. A soft, romantic color scheme and endearing florals add charm and freshness to this timeless look. 

3.pngEmilia Jane Photography | Fleur | Nimble Well | Minted | Lakewood

Look 2: Sparkle with Sequin

4.png5.pngA Perfect Event

There’s nothing like a little sparkle and shine to get the party started! Pair sequin table linen pairs with a unique shaped charger and acrylic chairs for a modern twist.  This contemporary setting takes on traditional elements for a perfect blend of vintage and modern. The formal place setting with fine china and cut glass stemware complement the vintage floral containers and pale blush color palette. This setting says formal yet current.

6.pngA Perfect Event


Look 3: Classic Florals

7.png8.pngAveryhouse | Frontier Flowers of Fontana | Halls Chicago | LK Events

From the tight packed rose and hydrangea centerpieces to the traditional damask table linen, florals are the highlight of this look.  Mix gorgeous garden roses in varying shades with modern vibrant hydrangea to create a fresh setting. The combination of an organic shaped charger with the formal menu card add to the juxtaposed styles.

9.pngAveryhouse | Frontier Flowers of Fontana | Halls Chicago | LK Events

The classic ivory and gold color palette is the perfect grouping for a mix of modern and vintage, allowing the floral touches to be the showstoppers. Metallic chairs and finely folded napkins add a flare of modern that balances the bright floral elements. The blending styles come together to create a one-of a kind look. 

10.pngAveryhouse | Frontier Flowers of Fontana | Halls Chicago | LK Events

Look 4: Shades of Pink


You couldn’t ask for a more modern setting than this venue. The exposed brick brings a rustic feel into the room while complementing the vintage décor. Tables dressed in pink shantung  paired with pink florals is a classic. Modern spotlights and mixed chairs highlight the different tables in the room and bring together the varying styles of design.


Other Millennial Trends

In today’s wedding planning world, old-time traditions have transformed into a mix of old and new. Color mixing with traditional shades of white and ivory continues to be a growing trend. Florals from the garden are taking the front seat and driving many trends while statement colors paired with neutral tones create Instagram worthy notes. 

Millennials are highly focused on the people in their lives. Their wedding reception choices are no different. Many millennials are honoring timeless traditions with friends and family while still adding their own modern twist.

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