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Table Setting Tricks: 3 Gorgeous Napkin Folding Techniques

March 10, 2016

When you’re dressing a table setting at an event, sometimes all you need to do is drape the napkin underneath a charger plate and call it a day. However, you’re not limited to just doing that. If you want to do something a bit more detailed, there are a number of different options to choose from. Today, we’re going to feature three demonstrations of how to do different napkin folding techniques that take your table design to the next level.

The Classic Napkin Fold


This fold is simple to do and provides a clean look on your table settings. It can be done in just a few steps and only takes seconds to do, so if you’re looking for a clean, modern, yet easy-to-fold napkin technique to try out, start with this one!

Learn how to do the Classic Napkin Fold here:

The Diamond Menu Pocket Fold


This fold is a bit more complicated, but it looks great with textured linen. Additionally, because this particular fold is designed to feature a pocket when it’s finished, you can use it to decoratively showcase your event’s menu or itinerary.

This one involves a few more steps than the classic fold, though it’s still pretty simple to do, and it looks best when it’s used with a solid colored linen. This fold design showcases the clean lines and angles that can be achieved with just a few folds. 

Learn how to do the Diamond Menu Pocket fold in this helpful slideshow:

The Pocket Menu Fold


The best of both worlds, the Pocket Menu Fold option provides the clean and simple appearance of the Classic Napkin Fold with the form and function of the Diamond Pocket Fold. This fold comes together pretty quickly as well, and is perfect for solid colors and patterns alike.   

Learn how to do the Pocket Menu Fold with this guide:


What’s your favorite way to fold napkins for special event table décor?


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