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Our Favorite Christmas Looks for the Traditional and Modern Holiday Party

December 22, 2015


When you think of holiday decorations for your Christmas party, things like red and green tablecloths come to mind, along with ornaments, splashes of gold, pine tree motifs, and Santa Claus. There’s a reason the classics are popular—they look great and they’re festive. But if you’re looking for something that’s festive, fresh, and a bit unexpected for this year’s Christmas party, we’ve got you covered there, too. Check out these two great ideas for holiday decorating—one that’s perfect for a traditional Christmas look, and one that leans more toward modern décor themes.

Tried and True Traditional


For a great look that hits the mark for traditional event décor for Christmas, start off with a bold, bright red table linen, such as our Scarlet Contour. This lightly textured linen provides a great backdrop to a contrasting, black lace runner with sequins throughout. By keeping the basic color palette simple yet bold, you’re off to a good start with decorations. 

Set off the table linen with gold charger plates and dishes, red and green centerpieces (things like poinsettias, holly branches, red roses, sage leaves, and pine needle branches are all good additions to a holiday centerpiece), and place cards that mimic the look of holiday greeting cards.


Serve drinks in beautiful stemware and glassware, and keep the menu traditional. These looks and ideas are so commonly used because they’re successful—people react well to them and they make your event look glamorous.

Marvelous, Magnificent, and Modern


If you want to step outside of the box with your Christmas décor this year, there are plenty of ways to do so. Try going non-traditional when it comes to holiday themes—choosing unexpected colors and decorations will inject a bit of fun into the look while still creating a high-end event.

Instead of a dark red linen, start with a crisp white. Set it off with a bright magenta runner, which lends a jewel-toned luxury to the look. For the green element, instead of a hunter green, use emerald napkins, placed underneath gold and white plates.


Keep the centerpieces and place cards fun, utilizing ornaments in jewel tones like amethyst and emerald. These decorations can be a bit smaller, as well, with pinecones and sprigs of pine needles rather than large bouquets of flowers. This looks festive, yet isn’t what people typically expect. If you want to give your guests party favors, this design is perfect for that, as well. Put the favors in small gift boxes, and tie them with ribbon that matches the table runner.

You can have a little fun with the menu, too, choosing new iterations of classic dishes and incorporating interesting flavors. You can also serve unique winter cocktails—instead of classic Champagne or punch, serve a delicious cranberry martini or peppermint mochas.

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Whether you decide to go for a traditional look, a modern concept, or anything else, you’ll find everything you need for a great holiday party here. We love putting together fresh new looks for our clients—call us any time for design guidance or to start your order. 

Photos: Becky Brown Photography

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