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Interesting Ways to Add Lighting to Your Tablescape

December 10, 2015

Once your clients have chosen the color and fabric for their table linen, it’s time to move on to the rest of the decorations. Lighting is one of the ways that you can really get creative, and adding lights to tablescapes can really wow the event’s guests. Check out these interesting and creative ways to add lighting to tables.

“Glowing” Tables

One of the more unique things we’ve seen with lighting trends is creating a “glowing“table by placing lights underneath sheer table linen on round tables. This creates a dreamy, whimsical look that guests won’t be expecting, plus it keeps the tabletops free. This is especially great looking when used with spandex tablecloths.

String Lights Across Multiple Tables

Using string lights, swoop strands across adjacent tables (high enough above that guests won’t get tangled in them, of course). This creates a canopy-style look, perfect for romantic settings such as weddings. String lights are an especially beautiful look for outdoor weddings.

Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights Tablescape.pngPhoto: Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Lights suspended from the venue’s ceiling or from a frame above where guests sit will always be an elegant choice. Use string lights or party light sets for additional pops of color. You can also use chandeliers if the venue’s setup allows for them—this creates a very opulent and almost royal feel for your event.

Pillar Candles and Clusters of Candles

WeddingCandles.pngPhoto: Heather Cook Elliott Photography

To create a soft, inviting environment, candlelight is perfect. You can use pillar candles or tapered candlesticks, candelabras, or clusters of shorter/smaller candles to lend a romantic look at your event. The soft lighting is a perfect complement to delicate decorations, and is an ideal way to create an intimate yet inviting mood.

Illuminated Centerpieces

Finally, we love the unique look that illuminated table decor can provide for an event. For instance, creating photo lanterns or illuminated table numbers (placing votive candles in translucent cylinders to create a glowing effect) is just one way to incorporate your event’s theme into the table lighting. You can also put strategically placed lighting within floral arrangements, or use paper lanterns as centerpieces. All of these are unique options that add light to your tablescapes without looking ordinary or expected.

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