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Ideas for a Springtime Baby Shower

February 18, 2015

If you’re planning a springtime baby shower, don’t worry about getting stuck using cutesy, overdone and often boring pastels. Instead, check out our ideas for a unique, and gorgeous, baby shower that features fresh flowers, balloons, baby gift bingo and so much more!

Ditch the Baby Blue & Pink

Instead of choosing overused sky blue and ballet pink for the shower, choose some shades that are a bit brighter and more fun, like turquoise, lime and dandelion. Decorate the tables with white linen and use different pops of color for the chair pads, runners and napkins. Use unique decorations like umbrellas (for the “shower”), bright balloons and fresh floral arrangements featuring yellow roses. Shying away from gendered baby showers is becoming more and more popular as more women decide against finding out their child’s gender. If you do want to do something fun to indicate whether the new baby is a boy or girl, you can serve cupcakes with pink or blue filling, or string up a banner of the new baby’s name.

Plan Unique Activities

Plenty of people dread going to baby showers because they can be endless affairs of cutesy-game after cutesy-game, like “Pin the Diaper Onto the Baby” and other similar kitsch. Instead, plan things like a onesie-decorating station, where each guest gets a plain white onesie, and fabric markers and fabric paints can be set out for guests to decorate the baby clothes. This is a fun, inexpensive way for new parents to gain a stockpile of new baby clothes, all of which are personalized! You can also play baby gift bingo, wherein guests get bingo cards printed with common baby gifts, like pacifiers, blankets, diapers, etc., and as the mom- or parents-to-be open their gifts, guests mark off the squares. Whoever gets BINGO first earns a prize—you could award scented candles, a bottle of wine, whatever you find most appropriate for your guests.

Play and enjoy these fun games

For a sillier option, try “Baby Bottle Races,” wherein a baby bottle is filled with juice for each guest (or willing participant) and whomever finishes their baby bottle first is the winner!

Serve Fun Foods and Drinks

Think outside the box when it comes to your menu, whether you’ll serve a sit-down meal or just snacks. If you don’t want to serve Champagne or sparkling wine at your shower, opt for sparkling infused water with fruit or mint. This is a refreshing drink that keeps the party new-mom friendly!

Serve Fun Foods and Drinks

Serve colorful treats, like macarons made in the same color as the décor. You can also check out local bakery options, like sugar cookies decorated to look like onesies, pacifiers and rattles. If you’re serving a full meal, you have a bit more leeway for menu choices, but you can still serve cute treats, like cream puffs or petit fours that feature the same colors that the rest of the theme uses.

For party favors, you can fill mason jars with rock candy or some of the macarons from the party, or gift guests a picture frame that they can choose a photo for— perhaps a photo from your party!

Photo Credit: Jill Tiongco Photography

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