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Haley & Eric's Upscale Hockey Inspired Rehearsal Dinner

March 14, 2017

It may not be a "normal" wedding idea, but a hockey-inspired theme provided an upscale and totally personalized setting for Haley and Eric's unique rehearsal dinner. At the Lenox Center, this match was unique, and it was a winner in many different ways!

Scoring a Win

1.png2.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

This party was all about the theme, from the cocktail napkins to the personalized hockey pucks.

Cheering the Team

3.png4.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

A red carpet allowed guests to take to the ice via a red carpet for a bit of goalie excitement.

Something for Everyone

5.png6.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Flavorful appetizer and dinner treats provide a "choose your favorites" menu, and a variety of options (including a popcorn machine) appeals to guests of all ages. 

Informality: The Name of the Game

7.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

At the Lenox Center, informality is the underlying theme. This party embodied that spirit, with bright posters, a mix of tables and seating options, and an upscale appetizer and buffet station dinner.

8.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Understated Decor

9.png10.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Simple round dining tables sport patterned linen in taupe and ivory tones, complemented by white napkins and minimalist centerpieces. The clear vases filled with white blooms add some softness but don't overpower the setting. Sparking votive lights provide the only other tabletop decoration, and light white chairs are a perfect complement.

11.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center


High Stakes

12.png13.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Communal tables are a great way to accommodate a crowd in style. Here the sleek tables and stools give guests a choice. Banners make it clear that Haley and Eric are the stars!

Pass the Plates

14.png15.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Winning appetizer presentations are only a part of the fun at this rehearsal dinner. Nothing is left to chance here.

Echoing the Larger Rounds

16.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Smaller rounds are draped to the floor in the same understated but dynamic print linen, centered by similar floral displays and candles. Perfect for those who prefer "grazing" to filling a plate, these cocktail tables offer a convenient spot to share a drink and a bite.

Buffet Stations 

17.png18.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Food takes center stage in a serious way at several distinctly different buffet stations. Salads, a beef carvery, and a pasta bar with multiple options appeal to every palate.

19.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

A Sweet Ending

20.png21.pngKristyn Hogan Photography | Lenox Center

Small bites -- in three separate versions -- create the perfect ending at an event full of meaning for the prospective bride and groom. Displayed on simple bamboo platforms, we'll bet there weren't many left behind!

Although the wedding couple was on "center ice" the entire evening, guests were charmed both by the variety and the execution of this "pre-game" event.

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