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Dressing Your Table for Fashion Week

February 11, 2015

Here at BBJ Linen, we like to think of our products as “table fashions.” Rather than simply covering a table to protect it, we love to drape tables in the latest patterns, textures and colors. So what better way to celebrate Fashion Week than with an elegantly “outfitted” table?

For this fashion-forward table design, we used our silky Shantung Table Linen in white. This table linen is perfect on its own or as a base for other shades. Your tables just might outshine your guests! We topped the linen with our Beige Infinity Overlay, a chic beige and eggshell geometric pattern that pairs perfectly with any color scheme. We added a pop of bright, rich color with our Orchid Shantung Table Runner and finished the look with crisp White Shantung Napkins.

Since everyone will probably want to dress up for this event, keep food and drinks relatively simple. Finger foods and appetizers should be kept to one or two bites. There are so many creative things you can do with a Fashion Week party. Read on for more ideas for a sparkling Fashion Week event!

Orchid Shantung Table Runner and White Shantung Napkins.

Invite, Don’t E-Vite!

I don’t know about you, but I love sending paper invitations! Aside from weddings, showers and other special occasions, people just don’t send them anymore. But they are perfect for adding that personalized touch. If you’re crafty, you can even make them yourself. You can use actual pieces of fabric to decorate them, too. Just cut out a simple shape of a dress or a shoe and use that as your guide to cut the fabric. Then just glue it onto some pretty paper and you’re all set! If you’re not confident in your invitation-making skills, there are unlimited resources for professionally designed invitations. One of my favorites is Paper Source. They have stores locally and online.

Send paper invitations

Fashionably Fun Activities: Stream the Show

After dinner and cocktails, what else can one do at a Fashion Week celebration? To really take your guests there, why not stream live fashion shows from the event? It’s always fun to see the brand new designs emerging and to share opinions on them.

Swap it Out

A slightly more involved (but no less fun!) activity is to host an accessory swap. Ask guests to bring one or several designer designer items that they no longer want. Swapping accessories is much easier than clothing because you don’t really have to worry about sizes. Everyone can go home with a new, fashionable item!

Strut the Catwalk

And if you really want to go all out, why not host your very own fashion show? If you know a few local designers, this could be a fantastic chance to work with them and expose them to new potential clients. Your guests can even take part in the show. Hire and DJ and set the mood with ambient lighting. You could even hire an emcee or do it yourself. Everyone will love it. Who knows? It could even become a yearly tradition.

Photo Credit: Wonderstruck Event Design & Love Song Photo

Products Used: White Shantung Table Linen, Beige Infinity Overlay, Orchid Shantung Table Runner & White Shantung Napkin


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