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Alloy Collection: A Fusion of Metals

March 30, 2017

A new collection of linen from BBJ may be the hottest look of the season. Combining metallic weaves with both dazzling geometric forms and swirling pattern, the mix of metallics seems to come straight from the hands of ancient jewelers and metalsmiths. No two are the same, and all are eminently suited to making any event distinctively different.


Black, Silver and Gold 


Shimmering shadows of dark and light highlight this impressionistic table linen that exudes creative flair. This one is a winner because it can move from seriously sensational to wildly whimsical with just a change of china and accessories. Can you picture it with black napkins and polished silver? Or would you pair it with champagne-toned napkins, burnished brass and creamy, gold-rimmed china? Either way, it's a standout choice.


Pale with a Golden Overlay


The weave of this distinctive linen is slightly reminiscent of Mid Century barkcloth, and the bronze overlay also recalls the whimsical space-age geometric patterns of that era. This new BBJ design has a funky appeal that can be dressed up or down, but always with stylish appeal! 


Bronze and Gold with a Light Touch


Distinctively different, it's hard to decide exactly what the metallic threads are in this glowing linen that speaks perfectly of celebration. The lavish effect is delicate and muted, allowing the unusual highlighting the romantic colors of the centerpiece, menu cards and napkins.


A Chorus of White and Gold


Assure that any event is an unqualified success by concentrating on the sumptuous elegance of gold. Here, it's exquisitely expressed with banded chargers and china, golden flatware and burnished vases, and by white blooms, napkins and menu cards. 



Hexagonal Dark Drama

BBJ Linen - Alloy Collection.png16.png

Dramatic colors and overall pattern do not have to "shout" their presence. Rather, they can serve as background elements, strong enough to command attention, but at the same time giving expression to the other "voices." Here each golden place setting is a standout statement rather than being lost in a sea of black. What a unique style!


Shimmering Metallic Sequins


The fusion of different metallics couldn't be more perfected expressed than in this sequin-studded linen with a contemporary sensibility. The rosy napkins complement the hues of the floral centerpiece, and the overall effect is opulent but not in the least ostentatious. We love everything about it!


A Swirling Brew of Metallic Liquid


The magic is in the mix of silver and gold -- in equal amounts -- to create a setting that is sophisticated, serene, sensuous and beautifully restrained. Subtle textures are attention-getters without completing for attention, and the linen is classically in keeping with other design elements. 


There are many reasons to love these new linen designs from BBJ.

Photo Credits: HMR Designs


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