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Get the Look: Gold and Blush Event Décor

August 25, 2016

From the moment your guests step into the room, the elegance of your décor should leave them breathless. Whether you are planning a wedding or other exclusive occasion, the colors and textures of the table linen are the foundation for creating an unforgettable event.

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Event Spotlight: A Romantic Pink and Ivory Wedding

August 18, 2016

Photo: Kim Thiel | Event Design: Sash & Bow

A color palette that always looks stunning for weddings is one that combines romantic pink, whites and ivories, and sparkle. No matter how it’s put together, the combination is always breathtaking. This month’s event spotlight is on this gorgeous pink and ivory wedding. Let’s take a look.

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Villa Styles: Incorporating Italian Influence Into Your Wedding

August 16, 2016

Photo Credit: Roots of Life Photography  

Planning a destination wedding is on many brides’ wish list, but due to a number of factors—budget, guest travel, language barriers, etc.—it often isn’t a reality. Luckily, you and your guests don’t have to board a plane for a villa-style wedding. No matter where you’re planning on tying the knot, certain design elements can bring the Italian villas of your dreams right to your doorstep. This event, featured on Style Me Pretty, showcases BBJ Linen products, and the overall look is stunning. Though it feels like you’ve arrived in Italy when looking at these photos, this actually took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Take a look at how everything came together.

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Mix Old Fashioned and Modern Décor for Great Looking Events

August 11, 2016

Photo: Roots of Life Photography

Choosing a style for an event can be tough. There’s so much to choose from, and often, styles are opposed—one person likes vintage chic, another person likes dreamy romantic décor, and someone else likes all modern, sharp lines. It’s tough to marry these ideas and themes together, but it’s absolutely doable, and it looks wonderful when done right.

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Featured Trend: Long Honored Guest Tables at Events

August 09, 2016

Photo Credit: L Photographie

One trend we are noticing again and again is the use of long tables to distinguish honored guests. These tables demand attention, and get every guest talking about the feature table. 

This trend has taken over restaurants for some time, and we’re seeing the crossover to events more and more, likely for the same reasons. Communal dining tables in restaurants are designed to keep conversation flowing, and they encourage more interaction among guests. What could be more perfect for a special event? 

A long distinguished guest table at any formal dinner sets the tone for the entire evening, and is replacing the sweetheart table at most weddings.

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Four Ways to Dress Up Event Chairs

August 05, 2016

Photo Credit: Amay Anaiz Photo, @amyanaizphoto

When you’re planning the decorations for your events, one detail that is sometimes overlooked is the chairs. Many people think that because the tables are done up, the chairs can stand on their own, and while that’s sometimes true, it’s undeniable that dressed up chairs look much more elegant. 

Let’s check out four different ways to make your event chairs extra special.

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Event Inspiration: Modern Monochromatic

July 26, 2016

Photo Credit: Jai Girard Photography

A common theme that we see when we work with event planners is clients who want to use one color and only one color for their whole event. There are great ways to use only one color, and flexing creativity with textures and patterns, and fabrics is our favorite way to do it. Check out this inspiring look for a monochromatic event.

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Style Alert: A Beautiful Bouquet Brunch Look

July 21, 2016

Photo Credit: Event Planning, Floral and Design: Christine Janda Design & Events | Photography: Brittany Bekas Photography | Paper Design: LBrown Design | Catering: Truffleberry Market

If you want to plan an amazing brunch look, don’t be afraid to ditch the pastels and go for stunning bright hues. We love the way that this look encompasses all the shades of summer, and the photos look like something straight out of a magazine.

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Get the Look: Summertime Sangria + Navy Elegance

July 19, 2016

Photo Credit: Front Room Photography 

Summertime is perfect for sunshine and sipping Sangria, the fruit-infused wine drink. In addition to being a delicious drink, Sangria is the perfect inspiration for a summertime tablescape. It’s got bold, rich hues, and when paired with navy blue and teal, it’s reminiscent of a vacation to a villa.

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How to Make Your Sweets Table Look Flawless

July 14, 2016

Photo Credit: Allen Tsai Photography

At many events and weddings nowadays, hosts offer more than cake for dessert. Elaborate, multi-tiered confections are complemented by smaller offerings, making the sweets table a popular choice, popping up at events of all types. Planning a stunning sweets table isn’t difficult—dessert can look incredibly elegant with the right touches to the table. In two looks, we’re showing you today how to create a flawless looking dessert table at your event.

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