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I know it’s 2014, but I still cannot get enough of black and white movies. “Casablanca,” “All About Eve”—I love them all! These movies really just have a timeless feel to them that is hard to match today. So when I see a black and white wedding, I can’t help but have the same feelings!


Silver and gold—I have always held these two colors dear to my heart. The only thing I may adore more than silver and gold? Sequins! I can’t help it—there’s no hiding my love for a little sparkle. So as I was flipping through BBJ Linen’s Spring and Summer Lookbook, I was delighted to see sequin

It’s every style-oriented bride’s worst nightmare: You arrive to your banquet hall, and see nothing but plain chairs that, well, are plain and really don’t fit in with the look you have planned for your big day. Not to worry, though! With chair jackets and caps, you can transform any chair. The best thing about


Mazel tov! Your son, daughter or close family friend is about to go through the bar/bat mitzvah rituals. To celebrate this momentous life occasion, why not throw him or her a party?! A bar/bat mitzvah celebration will really show how proud you are of this accomplishment. I have some ideas for your bar/bat mitzvah menu, entertainment

As an event planner, I believe in using quality linen for table designs—and that includes napkins. Napkins are a final touch, yet they really can transform the entire tablescape, especially patterned napkins. They really give you the opportunity for your personality to shine through in your table design. Here, I’ve created four looks for you:

July is upon us, and you know what that means—2014 is already halfway over! The year may be in its second half and winding down, but one thing is here to stay: Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid. If you check this blog regularly, you know I’ve been all over this purple shade for

As you’re planning an event, you probably think you have everything you need for a gorgeous tablescape. You’ve selected your rental table linen, picked out your centerpieces and decided on your other table decorations. You may be forgetting one thing, though: charger plates! Charger plates really bring basic table designs to life, no matter what


At the beginning of the year, I told you blush pink would be hot on the wedding scene, and for the summer, this is truer than ever! In fact, I adore how this shade is being incorporated into table designs. My current favorite? The “Pretty in Pink” tablescape! This BBJ Linen lookbook design features stunning

Bring a reminder of spring with the textured corsage linen rentals

Summer is here, which means you’ll find me near any body of water you can find me. Still, I still like to carry hints of spring with me, and with BBJ Linen’s new textured corsage linen rental, I can! This tablecloth is completely reminiscent of the year’s earlier months, yet you can use this chic

“Wild at Heart” Rental Table Linen Design

Did you check out BBJ Linen’s Summer Lookbook? All the table designs were absolutely to die for, but one especially stood out to me: the “Wild at Heart” tablescape! It had everything I love for a table design—stunning rental table linen that are accented by lighthearted pieces, like printed napkins and chair pads, as well