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I recently told you how much I love orange-infused events—the color just brings everything to life! For winter, though, I love the look of orange’s lighter, more whimsical cousin—apricot! This peachy pastel packs a punch, yet it has a subdued aesthetic. Love apricot as much as I do? Follow my guide to see how you

Back in February, I was lusting over lavender, and now I’m simply addicted to amethyst! This dreamy tint of purple works well for events of all types. Wondering what you need to get the look? Don’t worry—I’ve outlined everything you’ll need to get an amethyst-inspired event, including ideas for centerpieces, rental table linen, and table


As an event planner, I always love to see gorgeous weddings. My favorite of the moment? Anjali and Jonathan Mandap’s celebrations! They couple had two ceremonies and receptions over the course of two days, and both looked absolutely amazing. If you or your partner are considering a fusion wedding, see how Anjali and Jonathan did

As I search for tablescape inspiration, I often turn to the past! Of course, I would have to say the ’80s were my favorite (I’m a sucker for pink!), but I know you may have another time in mind that you’d like to recreate for the table at your next event. That’s why I’ve broken


BBJ Linen releases amazing new fabrics every season, and their fall selection is no exception! My favorite? The Honeycomb! This new linen is available as table cloths and table runners, and I think it brings a contemporary touch no matter how it is used! Want to learn about what makes the Honeycomb table linen so


As an event planner, I’m constantly looking for new inspiration to help make my clients’ special days shine. I always have one idol I know I can turn to for spot-on style—Martha Stewart, of course! I love her approach to every type of event she creates with her team, especially weddings. Recently, the Martha Stewart

Recently, I created a quiz to help you determine what type of bride you might be—and you all told me you loved it! Here, I have a different kind of quiz. This one will focus on what color scheme will work best for any event you may be planning—including birthday parties, religious celebrations, corporate functions


When BBJ Linen’s spring/summer lookbook came out earlier this year, I was singing its praises. Now, I’m just as excited because the fall lookbook has finally arrived! I love all the new fabrics BBJ Linen is featuring—Honeycomb, Compass, Mod Stripe, Halo and more. They all have a modern style that works for this season, and

Halo Reversible Table Linen

I love new fabric launches—they give me ideas and inspiration on how to make gorgeous new table designs! Lately, I’ve really been enamored with two rental table linen fabrics that BBJ Linen recently released onto the market for the fall season: the Halo Reversible and Cotier designs. Wondering what these two rental table linen designs

How to Dress Up Hi-Boy Tables

October 27th, 2014

For your event, you’ll undoubtedly have your basic tablescape designs down. However, if you’ve decided to use hi-boy tables at your event, you may be wondering how to dress them up. Don’t worry! I get this question a lot, and I’ve created a guide for you to follow for three simple styles: the base wrap,