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Halo Reversible Table Linen

I love new fabric launches—they give me ideas and inspiration on how to make gorgeous new table designs! Lately, I’ve really been enamored with two rental table linen fabrics that BBJ Linen recently released onto the market for the fall season: the Halo Reversible and Cotier designs. Wondering what these two rental table linen designs

How to Dress Up Hi-Boy Tables

October 27th, 2014

For your event, you’ll undoubtedly have your basic tablescape designs down. However, if you’ve decided to use hi-boy tables at your event, you may be wondering how to dress them up. Don’t worry! I get this question a lot, and I’ve created a guide for you to follow for three simple styles: the base wrap,

Oktoberfest has been underway since September, and the upcoming weekend marks the final hurrah for this holiday! To celebrate all things German, you can host a fun Oktoberfest party for your close family and friends. Follow my guide for ideas on food, drink, rental table linen and decor for your Oktoberfest celebration. Food An Oktoberfest


Fall is the perfect time for a wedding—the air is crisp and cool, and the changing colors of the leaves makes for a stunning look. My favorite venue for an autumn affair? A vineyard! It’s a naturally gorgeous venue that simply cannot be beat! Considering having a vineyard wedding of your own? Follow my guide


Emeralds, rubies, opals and sapphires—I love them all! Jewel tones have such an air of elegance to them, and that’s why I think these work so well for as a color scheme! This theme works perfectly for events of all kinds, including birthday parties, office parties, black-tie affairs and more. See how you can incorporate


As you’re planning your event, you’ve got quite a few things to consider: rental table linen, décor and, of course, the menu. Deciding on the food you should serve can be overwhelming because you have so many options. No need to worry, though—I’ve outlined a variety of meal styles, as well as dessert and drinks,


Remember my wedding quiz from a few months ago? I’ve already given advice for the traditional and vintage weddings, and now I’m here to give ideas for the bohemian brides! If you got the bohemian style, follow my advice for attire, rental table linen, food, drink and décor! Attire In my opinion, bohemian brides have


As a party decorator, I’ve been in your shoes before: You’re hosting a party, but you need a little help thinking of ideas for dressing up your tables. Don’t worry—I’m here with all the fall table centerpiece ideas you need! These ideas can work well for a fall gathering, Halloween party or even a Thanksgiving

12 Personalized Wedding Ideas

October 10th, 2014

Some of the best weddings I’ve gone to have been completely outside the box, customized specifically to the couples. To create a one-of-a-kind day, follow my list of ideas to create a day you and your guests will always remember! Decor Create a chalkboard backdrop. Here, you can write your names and fun sayings or


If you’re like me, you’ve already been in the fall spirit for a while—the Halloween spirit specifically! Luckily for me, this holiday is perfect for throwing a fun party! Whether this is just a casual gathering amongst friends or a full-blown Halloween wedding, I’ve outlined everything you need for the big day: food, drink, rental